K8s Initializer

Build Your Own Application-Ready Kubernetes Playground

Generate YAML configs for ingress, CI/CD, observability, authentication, and more in just 3 minutes

Edge Stack
for Ingress

for Observability

for Observability

for Authentication

Argo CD
for CI/CD

Configure Ambassador Edge Stack for Ingress

Where is your Kubernetes cluster?

Select your preferred type of supported external load balancer

Do you want to terminate TLS?

Public Hostname

This hostname will be used to serve the correct certificate. Can be a * wildcard.
If you do not have a hostname, use a wildcard to get started.

Service Name

Email Address

This email will be shared with Let’s Encrypt when acquiring the certificate

Kubernetes TLS Secret Name

Existing Kubernetes secret name with the corresponding certificate

Certificate ARN

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the certificate

How do you want to handle insecure traffic?

How do you want to handle insecure traffic?

If Ambassador is not terminating TLS (because the load balancer is terminating TLS, or because there is no TLS termination), then Ambassador can only accept cleartext traffic, and thus cannot redirect cleartext (insecure) traffic to HTTPS. If you would like to do redirect or reject cleartext traffic, either choose an L7 load balancer and make the appropriate settings in the cloud console to terminate TLS at that load balancer, or terminate TLS at Ambassador.

Do you want to preserve the original client IP address in HTTP requests?


Configure Prometheus for Metrics


Do you want to collect metrics?


Configure Jaeger for Distributed Traces


Do you want to collect distributed traces?


Configure Keycloak for Auth


Do you want to secure applications?

Temporary Keycloak Admin Password


Configure Argo CD for Continuous Delivery


Do you want to enable application deployments through GitOps?

Argo CD Authentication

Temporary Argo CD Admin Password




Load Balancer

Not using a Load Balancer

TLS Termination

At Ambassador using Let's Encrypt

Insecure Traffic

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Client IP

The client IP address is not preserved

To install your Kubernetes playground, please:

Select your Kubernetes provider